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Newspaper articles in which Dix “talks” about selected topics of interest at the time. The column was first written while at The Times-Picayune before Dix went to The New York Journal in 1901. This column is not a reader/question and Dix/advice type column. Most articles discuss one topic. Articles are alphabetically arranged by column and by title within each column. Titles recorded as scripted originally

1. “ABOUT CHOOSING A WIFE.” New Orleans, Sunday, January 3, n.y.

2. “HOW TO BE ATTRACTIVE.” Public Ledger Company, 1926.

3. “LOVE OF LIBERTY.” Public Ledger Company, 1926.

4. “MISER OR SPENDTHRIFT.” Public Ledger Company, n.d.

5. “Modern Man Still Chivalrous and Where Are Obedient Children?” Ledger Syndicate, n.d.

6. “On Catching A Bachelor.” Public Ledger Company, 1926.

7. “THE OPEN HOME DOOR.” Public Ledger Company, 1926.

8. “TREASURES FOR OLD AGE.” Public Ledger Company, n.d.


10. “WHAT NOT TO SAY.” Public Ledger Company, 1926.

11. “WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH PARENTS-II. Public Ledger Company, 1926.

12. “WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH WIVES?” Public Ledger Company, 1926.

13. Dorothy Dix Talks about some of the “rudimentary” things to teach children as a single parent. Public Ledger Company, 1929.

14. Dorothy Dix Talks about each phase of life having its own particular joy; “so why should we so dread the passing of the years,” ns.,nd.

15. “Dorothy Dix Talks - What kind of girl do you want your son to marry? Public Ledger Company, nd. (from Dix’s scrap book).

16. “DOROTHY DIX Writes: Dear Other Woman,” by Dorothy Dix, ns.,nd. (from Dix’s scrap book).

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