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Locate Information About Topic

You have obtained background information by using reference sources and talking to experts. You have also identified search terms which describe your topic idea. Take the next step in preparing your strategy for finding information. Begin by asking yourself these questions:

  • What information do I need?

  • Where will the information I need appear? Is it most likely to be found in a book or in a periodical or on the Web?

                           History of England --- a book
                           Latest Scientific Discovery --- a periodical
                           Current temperature in Chicago --- the Web

 As you prepare to search for the information

  • organize your search terms

  • begin your search with the most specific term or terms

  • use broader search terms to find additional information sources, which may include information about your specific topic

  • decide what type of source (books, periodicals, web) to search first

If you want, bring your search strategy (search terms and sources you plan to consult) to the Information Desk. The librarian can go over your strategy with you and make further suggestions.

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