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Accessing Articles from Periodicals

Determining if APSU has a certain journal, magazine, or newspaper

If you are looking for articles on a specific subject, use our databases to pinpoint your information!  Only use Find Periodicals if you know which periodical you need or you want to browse.

Find Periodicals using a simple search form, with direct links to online periodicals and records of print periodicals!

Find Periodicals
is only available to users on campus, or to APSU students, faculty, and staff from off-campus.  You will be asked to log in if you are off-campus.  

For other users, or if you prefer, searching for periodicals in Felix is still available, using the instructions below.

Find Periodicals allows you to search for a periodical by title or ISSN, or to browse by general subject.  The results screen allows you to:

  • link directly to the issues for online periodicals (in most cases)

  • link directly to the Austin records for print periodicals here in the library, so you can see what years are available. (For help locating the physical periodicals/articles in the library, see the instructions below.)

Using Austin to Search for Periodicals (alternative method)

You may also learn this information from an online tutorial, "Can I get my cited article from the Woodward Library?"

If you have identified an article in a periodical database or index, and the complete article is not available from that database, check to see if the needed periodical is available by searching Austin.  All Periodicals (both electronic and print or microfilm) are in Austin.

When searching Austin, ensure that you check for the name of the  periodical (not the article title).  

  1. Click Austin on the left side of this screen.

  2. In the Periodical Title starts with: box, enter the title of the periodical

    • You may leave off "the," "a," or "an" from the beginning of a title, but otherwise enter it exactly as listed

  3. Click Go.

  4. An alphabetical list of titles will appear.  Choose your title from the list and click on it. 

    • The dates that appear on this list do NOT correspond to the dates the library has access to.

    • If your title does not appear in the list, APSU does not have immediate access to that periodical.  See Request Items from Other Libraries.

  5. The full record will appear with either or both of the following elements:

"Internet Access:" 

graphic of Austin screen

This line appears when the periodical is available electronically.  It provides 

  • the name of the database(s) which include the periodical, 

  • the dates (issues) of the periodical that are available, and 

  • a link to the database.  

  • Click on the underlined link to enter the database. .

"Subscription Summary"

graphic of Austin screen

This section appears when the periodical is physically in the APSU library in either print or microfilm.  The last line, "Main run:", tells you which dates (issues) are available.  A date with a dash, as shown above, indicates holdings up to the most current issue.

Sometimes there are two Subscription Summary sections, one for print holdings and one for microfilm.  Check the dates in both sections.

For help locating the physical periodicals/articles in the library, see the instructions below.

Locating Periodicals in the APSU Library

The print periodicals are: 

  • Located downstairs on Level 1 of the Library unless otherwise noted

  • Arranged alphabetically by title, except for newspapers which are shelved at the end of the collection 

  • There are a few other exceptions regarding the location of current issues and high-demand titles. Ask at at the Research Assistance Desk (RAD) on the 2nd floor for assistance.

Periodical formats include:

  • Paper (individual issues)

  • Bound (like books) 

  • Microfilm 

Shelving rules to follow are:

  • Paper, bound and microfilm are shelved together 

  • Ignore initial articles (a, an, the) EXAMPLE: The All State is shelved in the A's

  • Titles beginning with acronyms (e.g. NASSP Bulletin) are shelved before all titles beginning with the same letter 

  • Be careful to include articles (a, an, the) embedded in the title (e.g. Journal of the American Medical Association)

Photocopiers are on the 2nd floor and microfilm readers/printers are available on the 1st floor.  Please ask at the Access Service Desk on the 2nd floor for assistance locating a periodical or for help with the equipment.

To Search Austin for Electronic Periodicals

  1. Click Austin on the left side of this screen.

  2. On the red bar at the top, click Advanced.

  3. Type the periodical title in the Title Keyword box.

  4. In the Limits box, select Electronic journals

  5. Click Go at the top of the screen

  6. Select the desired title from the list, and continue as instructed above.

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