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How to Locate Short Stories

Short stories are typically not published separately, so you must find an anthology, a collection (book) or a periodical which contains the short story you seek. A short story may be searched by its author or by its title. Depending on the tool you use, short stories may also be searched by the subjects they cover.

There are several search strategies to use in locating short stories. If you are interested in seeing if the text of a specific short story is available on the World Wide Web, consider beginning with a high quality site selected by the APSU Librarians. You can access such a web site by searching Austin. Type in ‘short stories internet resources’ as a SUBJECT search. When you identify a short story web site in Felix, you can go directly to the site by clicking on the address link found in the Austin record. Once you are at the site, search for your short story.

Consider searching your short story in Austin via ANYWHERE KEYWORD.  For example, if you want to find a book which contains the short story "Young Goodman Brown" by Nathaniel Hawthorne, search the short story's title in the Anywhere Keyword search box.

Another way to identify a book containing a specific short story found in the APSU Library is to search Austin by AUTHOR. For example, if you want to find the text of Young Goodman Brown, search ‘Hawthorne, Nathaniel’ as an author. Then, scan the retrieved list of titles for books which appear to include short stories. Once you find one book and its call number, you can browse the shelves in that location to see if the Library has other books by that writer.

To identify collections which contain your short story, use Short Story Index located at Ref Stacks, Level 2 (Ref PN 3373 .C66 S56). The ‘Directions for Use’ section found in the front of each volume provides detailed information about using Short Story Index, which includes a combined author, title, subject index. Information about the collection or periodical in which the short story appears is found under the short story’s author entry. Check Austin to see if the APSU Library has the collection book; check the Library’s Periodicals List to see if the Library has the periodical.

For additional help or information, ask at the APSU Library Information Desk, or use Ask A Librarian above.

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