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LILT  ( Library Information Literacy Tutorial )

Instructions for Using LILT

  1. Go to the APSU Library Web at

  2. Click on the LILT link found near the middle of the page close to the red vertical bar.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the LILT screen and select either First Time Users (if you've not used LILT before to be sure you have the latest Flash player) or Return Users (if you've already loaded the latest Flash player). 

  4.  Work your way through LILT.  You can jump to different sections of the LILT modules by clicking on a module number's Contents and following the section links.

  5. Has your instructor assigned you the task of completing LILT quizzes?  As you finish each module, you are presented with a quiz to complete.

  6. Once you complete a quiz, please print your results as a backup copy.  Your quiz results are time-stamped and entered into a database which your professor can access for grading purposes.  Keep your print backup copy in case your professor does not find your quizzes in the database.


The issues surrounding information retrieval and use are complex.  It is impossible to cover all of the concepts that students need to know in a single library instruction session.  Therefore, the Library Faculty strongly recommends that all students complete LILT, which is a fundamental building block in the APSU Library Instruction Program.  

In fact, all freshmen are required to complete LILT as a part of the APSU 1000 first-year experience course where the librarians collaborate with course instructors to lay a foundation of basic concepts and skills associated with information literacy learning outcomes.*  Once students complete this tutorial and receive instruction from the librarians during APSU 1000, all faculty may expect students to

  • use the Library Website and the physical library as a gateway to high quality, academic information sources,

  • begin to search library databases effectively (Boolean operators, keyword searching, truncation),

  • begin to evaluate and select sources appropriate for college-level work, and

  • cite sources in different styles, paraphrase correctly, and avoid plagiarism.

*Specific information literacy learning outcomes that are addressed in APSU 1000 and in LILT Module quizzes are derived from the Information Literacy Standards for Higher Education, which are endorsed by the American Association for Higher Education, the Council of Independent Colleges, and the Association of College and Research Libraries. 

LILT covers the concepts, skills, and values needed to successfully access, evaluate, and use information in today's information-rich society.  Through LILT, students are exposed to the economic, legal, and social issues associated with using information in an ethical manner.

Students learn best when they are actively engaged.  LILT is very interactive and it allows students to practice skills associated with information literacy concepts, such as

  • brainstorming topics and identifying keywords to search;

  • searching keywords combined with Boolean operators;

  • distinguishing among types of sources, and selecting the best source;

  • avoiding plagiarism and citing sources correctly; and

  • evaluating information found on the World Wide Web.

Librarians continue to be available to work with other faculty across campus to address more advanced information literacy learning outcomes during students' sophomore, junior, and senior years.  In many departments, this is already occurring.  It is crucial that all students obtain the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to be life-long learners in the Information Age by the time that they graduate.  They must prepare for  work environments in which they will be required to access, evaluate, and use information that is found in a variety of formats. 

APSU Librarians look forward to collaborating with faculty on additional projects that ensure that students become information literate and successful lifelong learners. Please contact Christina Chester-Fangman, Instruction Librarian, at (931) 221-1267 or to collaborate on additional projects.


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