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Gale InfoTrac Power Packs

All PowerPacks are subsets of periodicals found in the Academic OneFile and General OneFile Databases. Each subject specific PowerPack Collection has the content needed by a unique category of researcher.  The left column below lists the PowerPack Databases containing unique content in addition to the custom journals included from the "Onefile" databases. The right column lists the databases that are just "custom journal collections" pulled from Academic OneFile and General OneFile without unique content but may be helpful for users looking for information just within a certain subject area.

Databases w/ Unique Content

Custom Journal Collections

Agriculture Collection

Religion & Philosophy Collection

Business Economics and Theory

Military & Intelligence Collection

Culinary Arts Collection

Southern Life

Criminal Justice Collection

General Science Collection

Communications and Mass Media Collection

Small Business Collection

Environmental Studies and Policy Collection

Vocations and Careers Collection

Fine Arts and Music Collection

Diversity Studies Collection

Gardening, Landscape and Horticulture Collection

Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Collection

Home Improvement Collection

Information Science & Library Issues Collection

Nursing and Allied Health Collection

Insurance and Liability Collection

Psychology Collection

Pop Culture Collection

Popular Magazines

War & Terrorism Collection

Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Collection

World History Collection

Professional Collection

Gender Studies Collection


US History Collection