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Tennessee Newspaper Collection

The Tennessee Newspaper Collection provides browsing and searchable full-text for newspapers and television news broadcasts from across the state of Tennessee. 


Leaf Chronicle (Clarksville): 11-28-2002 - present

Tennessean (Nashville): 11-7-2002 - present


The Commercial Appeal (Memphis): 8-15-2000 - present|0QGX&v=2.1&u=tel_a_apsu&it=aboutJournal&p=ITOF&sw=w

Knoxville News-Sentinel: 4-25-2000 - present|0QHR&v=2.1&u=tel_a_apsu&it=aboutJournal&p=ITOF&sw=w


Chattanooga Times-Free Press: 12/14/2006 - present


Several other local and regional news outlets are also available:
A list of all newspapers and television news broadcasts for Tennessee is available.

Types of sources in this collection include:

  • Blogs
  • College/University Newspapers
  • Journals
  • Newspapers
  • Transcripts
  • Video

The Tennessee Newspaper Collection is available from on-campus or from off-campus by APSU students, faculty, and staff.