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RefWorks 2.0 Zotero Instructions

Zotero is a free, easy-to-use Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources.  You may use this free resource to manage your citations after you graduate from APSU and no longer have access to RefWorks.

Follow the procedure below to export your references from RefWorks to Zotero:

Export References from RefWorks

1.  Log in to Your RefWorks account

2.  From the References or Tools menu select Export.  Select either All References or a specific Folder.

3.  Under Export Format select BibTeX - Ref ID

4.  Click the Export to Text File button.

5.  Follow your browser's instructions for viewing the file and be sure to save the page in text format to your hard disk before closing.

Import References into Zotero

1.  Open Mozilla Firefox browser and go to Zotero website (

2.   Download Zotero and follow the instructions to install in Firefox browser (it may be necessary to allow the application to run in the security bar).  Zotero is not available for Internet Explorer.

3. After restarting your browser, click on the  Zotero icon installed in the bottom right hand corner of your browser.  A window should open up in the bottom of your browser.

4.  Click on the "Actions"  Icon and select "Import".

5.  Choose the text file you saved on your hard drive after exporting from RefWorks.

6.  The references will be imported and stored in a folder under the Zotero collection category

7.  Click on the folder to view references, then click on a reference to edit or add notes.

Create Bibliography from Imported References

1.  To create a bibliography from your imported references, right-click on the desired folder and choose "create Bibliography from Collection"

2.  Select desired citation style and output format.  Click OK.

Other Features of Zotero

View for directions on importing bibliographic information from a website (such as a library catalog) into your Zotero library.