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About Kindles

Woodward Library has nine (9) Kindles for readers to checkout to APSU students, faculty, and staff. These Kindles were purchased with a generous donation from the Woodward Library Society. Courtesy card holders and non-affiliated users are not eligible to checkout Kindles. The Kindles come with a cover, USB cable, and power adapter. Only titles from can be read on the Kindles.

What Titles Are Available on the Kindles?

Each of the Library's nine (9) Kindles contains titles with a theme. They are:

Kindle 1: American Classics

Kindle 2: Sci-Fi, Gothic, & Horror

Kindle 3: British Classics

Kindle 4: Juvenile

Kindle 5: World Classics

Kindle 6: Mysteries

Kindle 7: Poetry & Drama

Kindle 8: History

Kindle 9: By Request

All Kindle titles are listed in the Library catalog.

New titles are added to Kindles on a regular basis.

Request Kindle Titles:

At this time the Library is only able to add free Kindle books. You may request that a free title be loaded on a Kindle using the Kindle Request Form below. Check for available Kindle titles.

Borrowing a Kindle:

Kindles may be checked out at the Access Assistance Desk on Level 2 of the Library for a period of 21 days. Current APSU students, faculty, and staff may check out Kindles. They must be returned to a library staff member and not put in any of the library books drops. Any content that has been added to a Kindle while checked out will be deleted upon check-in.

Replacement Fees:

Replacement costs for Kindles and their accessories are listed below.

  • Kindle $139
  • Case $40
  • USB Cable/Power Adaptor $25
  • Processing Fee $20 (whether it's one item or all listed above)

You are responsible for any damage done to the Kindle while it is checked out to you, and you will be charged a fee based on the damage up to the replacement cost.

Kindle Book Request Form