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For more information on copyright, see
Getting Permission: How to License & Clear Copyrighted Materials Online & Off by Richard Stim (eBook)

The Reserve Collection is a temporary collection that supports the APSU teaching programs. The collection also contains items that have greater circulation restrictions than materials in the library's general and special collections. The reserve materials are located in the Circulation/Reserve Department on the main floor of the library. The Circulation/Reserve staff in the department provides assistance with the location or availability of reserve materials.


Faculty may complete a Reserve Request Form to place materials on reserve.

Located behind the Circulation/Reserve Desk on Level 2 of the library, the Reserve Collection is available during all library hours.

The Reserve Collection contains materials placed on reserve by APSU faculty as assigned or supplemental readings for their courses. High-use items such as current guides to prepare students for graduate admission tests and other qualifying tests are placed on general reserve. Most items can only be checked out for short-term use by currently registered APSU students and faculty members.

The Reserve Collection includes:

  1. Books owned by the Woodward Library being used as assigned or supplemental readings for specific APSU courses.

  2. Faculty members' personal copies of materials for their courses. 

  3. Photocopies of articles to be read as specific course assignments. 

  4. Tests and problem solutions for selected APSU courses.

  5. The most current guides to help students prepare for graduate admission exams and other tests. 

  6. Selected reference sources.

Copyright Guidelines

Although fair use ultimately depends on the specific facts surrounding each proposed use, the following guidelines are intended to provide direction for use of the Woodward Library's reserve system.


  1. All materials placed on reserve will be at the initiative of faculty for the non-commercial, educational usage of students.

  2. Whenever possible, materials to be copied for reserve will be owned by the faculty submitting them or by the library.

  3. Longer works, such as complete books, will not be copied for reserve. The library will not reproduce materials to place on reserve without permission if the nature, scope, or extent of copying is judged by the library to exceed the reasonable limits of fair use. 

  4. Copyright notice will appear on the first page of photocopied reserve material to indicate that materials may be covered by copyright law. Appropriate citations or attributions to their sources will be included. 

  5. At the end of each semester, reserve material belonging to faculty members will be returned to them.