Collection Development Policy

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Art Department  (College of Arts & Letters)  
Librarian Liaison:   Gina Garber 
Faculty Representative:
Dr. Tamara Smithers

Location of Collection: Woodward Library, Level 3

Overall Collecting Level:  Desired level is C=Study

Purpose/ program description:    Provide an emphasized liberal arts background, and an artistic/intellectual foundation suited for becoming professional artists/designers, or applicable as a basis for success in other professions.  Provide non-major undergraduate students introductory art experiences as part of the general education core.

  • Accrediting body:  National Association of Schools of Art Design (NASAD)

  • Degrees offered/majors or areas of specialization: B.A. or  B.F.A..  B.A.  offered in Studio Art or Studio Art Education. B.F.A. offered in Graphic Design or Studio Art.  

Collection Development Plan

  • Targeted Areas:   Book Arts, Drawing, Illustration, Sculpture, Pottery/ceramics, Photography, Contemporary art.

General Collection Guidelines

Languages: English

Chronological Guidelines: A= Pre 1900; B= 1900-1960; C=1961 -present

Dates of Publication: 2006-

Geographical Areas:  World

Noted Publishers:  Art Institute of Chicago; Arthur Schwartz & Co World Wide Books    ; CAA Listing

Reviews:     H-net online reviews ;  Books in Print  ; CAA Reviews

Material Formats Collected: monographs, videos

Material Formats Excluded:   workbooks and consumables, review copies, computer software, instructional software,  books on CD or tape (library storage/operational constraints)

Other General Considerations:   

Statement of Collection Strengths and Weaknesses:   

LC Subject Subdivisions:  (N1-NX820) 

  • Visual Arts (N1-9165)

  • Architecture (NA190-0425)

  • Sculpture NB

  • Drawing, design, illustrations (NC997-1855)

  • Painting (ND1290-3416)

  • Print Media (NE1-NE2890)

  • Decorative Arts, Applied Arts, Decoration and ornament (NK1135-NK9955)

  • Arts in General (NX654-NX820)

 Related Subject Areas:    Photography (TR1-1050);  Advertising (HF5801-61820)

Impact of Local, Regional, or National Cooperative Programs:    Center for Creative Arts, Artists in the Schools

Other Considerations:


Date Prepared: 9/2003; Last Updated 8/2013