Collection Development Policy

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History Department (College of Arts and Letters )  
Librarian Liaison:  Nancy Gibson
Faculty Representative: 
 Dr. Mark Michael

Location of Collection: Woodward Library, Level 3

Overall Collecting Level: present overall level  d= basic level; Desired level is C=study  

Purpose/program description:   Library collection supports courses for undergraduate majors and non-majors as part of the general education core requirements.  

  • Accrediting body: N/A
  • Degrees offered/majors or areas of specialization:  B.A.  

Collection Development Plan

  • Targeted Areas: Philosophy: Islam, Ethics--applied, history & theory;  History: Middle Eastern, Asian and American

General Collection Guidelines:

Languages: English

Chronological Guidelines:   1900-

Dates of Publication: 2000-

Geographical Areas:   W=world

Noted Publishers:   American Philosophical Society; University of Georgia Press ; Houghton Mifflin ; Allyn & Bacon/Longman ; Blackwell

Review Sources: Books in Printh-net reviews

Material Formats Collected: monographs and videos

Material Formats Excluded: workbooks, textbooks, review copies, computer software, instructional software,  books in CD or tape format (library storage/operational constraints)

Other General Considerations:   

Statement of Collection Strengths and Weaknesses:   

LC Subject Subdivisions: (C;D-DX,E,F) 


  • Aux. Sciences of History (C1-999)
  • History of Civilization (CB1-999)
  • Archaeology (CC1-999)
  • Diplomats. Archives. Seals (CD1-999)
  • Technical Chronology. Calendar (CE1-9999)
  • Numismatics (CJ1-9999
  • Inscriptions. Epigraphy (CN1-9999)
  • Heraldry (CR1-9999)
  • Genealogy (CS1-9999)
  • Biography (CT1-9999)
  • History (General) (D1-2009)
  • Great Britain. England. Wales. Scotland. Ireland (DA1-995)
  • History of Central Europe (DAW1001-1051)
  • Austria. - Liechtenstein- Czechoslovakia- Hungary (DB1-9999)
  • France (DC1-9999)
  • Germany (DD1-9999)
  • America (E-F)


  • Philosophy general (B1-5802)
  • Logic (BC1-199)
  • Speculative Philosophy (BD10-701)
  • Aesthetics (BH1-301)
  • Ethics (BJ1-1725)
  • Religions , Mythology, Rationalism (BL1-2790)
  • Judaism (BM 1-990)
  • Islam. Bahaism. Theosophy (BP1-610)
  • Buddhism (BQ1-9800)
  • Christianity (BR1-1725)
  • The Bible (BS1-2970)
  • Doctrinal Theology (BT10-1480)
  • Practical Theology (BV1-5099)
  • Christian Denominations (BX1-9999)

Related Subject Areas:    

Impact of Local, Regional, or National Cooperative Programs:   

Other Considerations:  

Date Prepared: 6/2004; Last Updated 8/2013