Collection Development Policy

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Physics & Astronomy

Physics & Astronomy (College of  Science and Mathematics)  
Librarian Liaison:  D. Sean Hogan 
Faculty Representative:
Dr. Justin Oelgoetz

Location of Collection: Woodward Library, Level 3

Overall Collecting Level:   desired level is C= Study

Purpose/program description:    Physics major prepares students who plan to attend graduate school in engineering, astronomy or physics.  Their is also a distributive major with   concentrations in computational methods, optoelectronics, & professional management

  • Accrediting body: N/A
  • Degrees:  B.S.

Collection Development Plan

  • Targeted Areas: (1st) history of physics and astronomy; (2nd) Optoelectronics, optics, solid state physics; (3rd) Quantum Mechanics, Modern Physics and High Energy physics; (4th) Computational Physics (area of Genetic Algorithms and other “soft" computing areas)

General Collection Guidelines:

Languages: English  

Chronological Guidelines: Pre1900-present

Dates of Publication: 2009-

Geographical Areas:  W=World with particular emphasis on U.S.

Noted Publishers:  Springer Wien ; CRC Press

Reviews:  Books in Print; The Science Book Board

Material Formats Collected: monographs  & videos

Material Formats Excluded:   workbooks and consumables, review copies, computer software, instructional software,  books on CD or tape (library storage/operational constraints)

Other General Considerations:    

Statement of Collection Strengths and Weaknesses:    

LC Subject Subdivisions:   

  • Cosmology (BD493-701)
  • Astrology (BF1651-1729)
  • Technical chronology. Calendar (CE1-97)
  • Philosophy and Physics of music (ML3800-3923)
  • Computer science. Electronic data processing (QA75.5-76.95)
  • Analysis including analytical methods connected width physical problems ( QA299.6-433)
  • Analytical Mechanics (QA801-939)
  • Astronomy (QB1-999)
  • Physics (QC1-999) LC Class
  • Inorganic Chemistry (QD146-197
  • Mechanics of engineering applied mechanics (TA349-359)
  • Materials of engineering and construction (TA401-492)
  • Applied optics. Lasers (TA1501-1820)
  • Electrical engineering. Electronics (TK1-9971)
  • Polymers (TP1080-1185)

Related Subject Areas:   Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics   

Impact of Local, Regional, or National Cooperative Programs:

Other Considerations:


Date Prepared: 8/2005; Last Updated 8/2013