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1) Annals of America (21 volumes)  REF E 173 .A793  

USE INDEX VOLUME; covers issues in United States history; contains historical documents/primary sources

2) Annals of America- Conspectus (2 volumes)  REF E 173 .A793 Conspectus

Contains summaries of issues throughout U.S. history; example: Chapter on Foreign Policy and Diplomacy

3) Atlas of American History  REF G 1201 .S1 J3 1978

USE INDEX  --you will miss important information if you don’t; covers lots of items; goes beyond just maps of U.S. at various points in history

4) Black Women in American History (16 volumes) REF E 185.86 .B543 1990

Covers African American women in U.S. history

5) Columbia Gazetteer of the World  REF G 103.5 .C645 1998

Places –geographic info

6) New Geographic Dictionary  REF G 103.5 .W42 1984

Geographic info

7) Dictionary of American Biography (28 volumes)  REF E 176 .D56

USE INDEX VOLUME; in-depth biographical info

8) National Cyclopedia of American Biography (63+ volumes)  REF E 176 .N28

USE INDEX VOLUME (brown) –rest of set is green; biographical info

9) Dictionary of American History (8 volumes)  REF E 174 .D52 1976

Contains short articles on lots of people, places & events in U.S. history; USE  INDEX VOLUME

10) Dictionary of American Diplomatic History REF E 183.7 .F5

Anything having to do with diplomacy; example  defines
“reparations”;  covers League of Nations

11) Encyclopedia of Black America  READY REF E 185 .E55

Example: Freedman’s Bureau; try this source if you don’t find a  person in Standard biographical source –they may be African American and were not covered as they should be in standard source

12) Oxford Companion to American History  REF E 174 .J6

People, places, events & terminology used in U.S. history; copy of Constitution

13) Oxford English Dictionary (17 volumes) REF PE 1625 .N53 1933  
      (20 volumes) REF PE 1625 .O87 1989

Language –how a word is used in different ways through different centuries

14) Webster's Guide to American History  REF E 174.5 .W4

Chronology of U.S. history –events occurring in given years; short biographic entries

15) Complete Book of U.S. Presidents REF E 176.1 .D43

Anything about presidents ---first place to look

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