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Social Work Web Research

Reference Books

  • Encyclopedia of social work Ref Stacks, Level 2 HV 35 .S6 1997
  • The social work dictionary Ref Stacks, Level 2 HV 12 .B37 1999
  • HIV/AIDS Internet information sources and resources Ref Stacks, Level 2 RA 644 .A25 H575526 1998

APSU Library Web Site (information gateway)

  • Accessible from home at
  • Library services information (hours, forms, interlibrary loan)
  • Web Site’s Finding Information: Social Work

Finding Information: Social Work

  • Felix Online Catalog, InfoTrac and Social Work Abstracts
  • Internet Resources
  • Help information: how to use, locating articles in library, requesting items from other libraries

Web Search Engines

  • Argus Clearinghouse: --"central access point to value-added topical guides to Internet-based information resources"
  • AskJeeves: --good place to begin searches if you want more structure; you can search for information by asking questions
  • Social Work Café Internet Search Engines: --gateway to several search engines, including Google, and includes automatic social work links

Citing Web Information

  • Library Web Site’s How-to Guides >Explanations >Using Library Resources >Online Style Guides
  • How to cite an article - go to Help Index in InfoTrac database

Evaluating the Reliability of Web Information

  • Web address extension --is it commercial?
  • Author --is the author an expert?
  • Information accuracy --is it documented?
  • Information currency --when was it last updated
  • Usefulness --does it provide the information you need?

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