Heritage Research Assignment #1

DUE: September 10, 2001 in class


The three resources you need for this assignment are all available on the opening APSU Library webpage at http://library.apsu.edu.  They are


v      the Expanded Academic Tutorial,

v      the Expanded Academic database, and

v      the Felix Online Catalog


First, work your way through the Expanded Academic tutorial.


Second, refer to the Information Retrieval Concepts outline sheet, which we covered in class on August 31, 2001, as you conduct searches about your upcoming paper/speech topic in both


v      Expanded Academic and

v      Felix


As you conduct your searches in these two resources, use the “Search Protocols” at the bottom of the Information Retrieval Concepts outline sheet.  Be creative and show to the best of your ability that you understand how to conduct searches using  ALL EIGHT protocols in BOTH resources.


You will need to conduct several searches in each source, print at least five records or screens from each resource, and write notes on each sheet of paper you print.  PRINT YOUR NAME on each sheet and STAPLE them together.  You will turn in these sheets as part of the assignment. 


In your notes on each sheet, explain the protocol or protocols you tried out which resulted in the record or screen that you printed.  You can use more than one protocol per search if you like.  Make sure you include enough details in your notes so that we can follow what you were trying to accomplish in each of your searches. 


The point is for you to experience each resource and show us that you understand and can apply the protocols.  You will be graded (see Grading Criteria sheet) according to


v      whether or not you complete the assignment in BOTH resources, Felix & Expanded Academic,

v      how many of the protocols you try out, and

v      how well your notes describe your experience with each protocol


You may have questions.  If you do, please contact your library instructor.  It is your responsibility to turn in your work on time.  If you are not in class on the due date, turn in your assignment to the Library Information Desk.  Your grade will be lowered by one letter grade for each calendar day that it is late (unless absence is excused).