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Joe Weber
Director of Library Services
Phone: 931-221-7618, Office: 228
Email: weberj
Jonathan Bates
Circulation and Information Commons Library Associate
Phone: 931-221-7970, Office: 213
Email: batesj
Elaine Berg
Access Services Coordinator and Associate Professor
Phone: 931-221-6405, Office: 222
Email: berge
Teresa Beyke
Secretary and Assistant to Director of Library Services
Phone: 931-221-7618, Office: 223
Email: beyket
Ross Bowron
Emerging Technologies Librarian
Phone: 931-221-7381, Office: 220
Email: bowronc
Lori Buchanan
User Experience and Assessment Librarian and Professor
Phone: 931-221-7017, Office: 219
Email: buchananl
Chrsitna Chester-Fangman Christina Chester-Fangman
Coordinator of Research & Instruction and Associate Professor
Phone: 931-221-1267, Office: 221
Email: chester-fangmanc
Dominic Croll
Library Computer Technician - Evening
Phone: 931-221-7384, Office: 311
Email: crolld
Gina Garber
Digital Services Coordinator and Associate Professor
Phone: 931-221-7028, Office: 321
Email: garberg
Nancy Gibson
Distance Education Librarian and Associate Professor
Phone: 931-221-6166, Office: 217
FCC Phone: 931-221-1490, Office: 215
Email: gibsonn
Brian Heaton
Resources Management Supervisor
Phone: 931-221-7387, Office: 118
Email: heatonb
Denise Hemingway
Collections and Resources Library Associate
Phone: 931-221-7347, Office: 226
Email: hemingwayd
Sean Hogan
Special Collections Librarian and Associate Professor
Phone: 931-221-1325, Office: 323
Email: hogand
Michael Hooper
Electronic Resources Librarian and Associate Professor
Phone: 931-221-7092, Office: 324
Email: hooperm
Jarrod Jackson
Access Services Night Supervisor
Phone: 931-221-7394, Office: Circulation Desk
Email: jacksonjr
Sharon Johnson
Instruction Librarian and Associate Professor
Phone: 931-221-7914, Office: 317
Email: johnsons
Carol Keller
Interlibrary Loan Assistant
Phone: 931-221-7679, Office: 215
Email: kellerc
Tina Kenyon
Access Services Assistant
Phone: 931-221-7393, Office: Circulation Desk
Email: kenyont
Jeromy Lance
Computer Technician
Phone: 931-221-6122, Office: 311
Email: lancej
Katie Pendleton
Learning Resource Collection Coordinator
Phone: 931-221-7582, Office: 214
Email: pendletonk
Corina Ravenscraft
Access Services Assistant
Phone: 931-221-7193, Office: Circulation Desk
Email: ravenscraftc
Tina Reid
Access Services Assistant
Phone: 931-221-7346, Office: Circulation Desk
Email: reidt
Deanna Sherry
Resources Management Assistant -- Monographs
Phone: 931-221-7030, Office: 118
Email: kendrickd
Scott Shumate
Digital Services Assistant
Phone: 931-221-6288, Office: 308
Email: shumates
Philenese Slaughter
Instruction Librarian and Assistant Professor
Phone: 931-221-7741, Office: 319
Email: slaughterp
Kebede Wordofa
Coordinator of Technology Resources and Assistant Professor
Phone: 931-221-7959, Office: 311C
Email: wordofak

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