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The STAT-USA/Internet website and syndication services ended on September 30, 2010. To assist you in locating the data that STAT-USA/Internet has provided, a website has been created with links to the data sources.

The STAT-USA service was provided by an agency in the Economics and Statistics Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce. It delivered vital economic, business, and international trade information produced by the U.S. Government. It included State of the Nation, with a wealth of current and historical data on the U.S. economy, and GLOBUS & NTDB, which included current and historical international market research, trade data, and country analysis.

State of the Nation Reports

Hot Releases

13 and 26 Week Treasury Auction Results

Advance Gross Domestic Product by Industry

Advance Monthly Sales for Retail and Food Services

Advance Report on Durable Goods -- Manufactures' Shipments, Inventories, Orders

Aggregate Reserves (H.3)

Agricultural Prices

Annual Foreign Exchange Rates (G.5)

Assets and Liabilities of Commercial Banks in the United States (H.8)

Cattle on Feed

Census Construction Review

Composite Indexes of Leading, Coincident and Lagging Indicators

Construction Put in Place

Consumer Confidence

Consumer Confidence from the Survey of Consumers, University of Michigan

Consumer Credit (G.19)

Consumer Price Index

County Employment and Wages

County Estimates of Compensation by Industry

Crop Production

Employer Costs for Employee Compensation

Employment Cost Index

Employment Experience of Youths: Results from a Longitudinal Survey

Extended Mass Layoffs

Factors Affecting Reserves (H.4.1)

FOMC Minutes

FOMC Statement

FRB Flow of Funds (Z.1)

Grain Stocks

Gross Domestic Product

Gross Domestic Product by State

Historical Money Stock

Hogs and Pigs

Housing Vacancies

Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization

Job Openings and Labor Turnover

Local Area Personal Income

Manufacturer's Shipments, Inventories, and Orders

Manufacturing and Trade: Inventories and Sales

Manufacturing Report on Business

Mass Layoffs

Metropolitan Area Employment & Unemployment

Money Stock, Liquid Assets, and Debt Measures (H.6)

Monthly Foreign Exchange Rates (G.5)

Monthly Wholesale Trade

New Residential Construction

New Residential Sales

Non-Manufacturing Report on Business

Personal Income and Outlays

Personal Income for Metropolitan Areas

Producer Price Index

Productivity and Costs

Prospective Plantings

Quarterly Data Series on Business Employment Dynamics

Quarterly Financial Report -- Manufacturing, Mining, and Wholesale Trade

Quarterly Financial Report -- Retail Trade

Quarterly Services

Real Earnings

Regional & State Employment & Unemployment

Retail E-Commerce Sales

Revisions to IP and Capacity Utilization

Selected Economic Indicators

Semiannual Economic Forecast

State Quarterly Personal Income

Summary Estimates for Multinational Companies

Summary of Economic Conditions (Beige Book)

The Employment Situation

Travel and Tourism Satellite Accounts

U.S. Agricultural Export Sales

U.S. Import and Export Price Indexes

U.S. International Investment Position

U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services

U.S. International Transactions

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report

Usual Weekly Earnings of Wage and Salary Workers

Value of New Construction Put in Place

Weekly Selected U.S. Interest Rates (H.15)

Weekly Foreign Exchange Rates (H.10)

Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report

World Agricultural Production

World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates

Agricultural Data

Agricultural Census by State

Agricultural Overview by State

Agricultural Prices

Agricultural Chemical Usage - Fruits

Agricultural Land Values and Cash Rents

Agricultural Land Values and Cash Rents Final Estimates

Agricultural Prices - Annual

Broiler Hatchery

Catfish Feed Deliveries

Catfish Processing

Catfish Production


Cattle Final Estimates

Cattle on Feed

Cherry Production

Chickens and Eggs

Chickens and Eggs Annual Summary

Chicken and Eggs Final Estimates

Citrus Fruits

Cold Storage

Cold Storage Annual Summary

Cotton Ginnings

Cotton Ginnings Annual Summary


Crop Production

Crop Production Annual Summary

Crop Production Historical Track Records

Crop Progress

Crop Values

Dairy Products

Dairy Products Annual Summary

Dairy Product Prices

Dairy Product Prices Annual Summary

Egg Products

Farm Computer Usage and Ownership

Farm Labor

Farm Numbers and Livestock Operations

Farm Production Expenditures

Farms and Land in Farms Final Estimate

Floriculture Crops (annual)

Grain Stocks

Grain Stocks Historical Track Records

Hatchery Production Annual Summary

Hogs and Pigs

Hogs and Pigs Final Estimates


Honey Final Estimates

Hop Stocks

Land Values and Cash Rents

Livestock Historical Track Records

Livestock Operations Final Estimates

Livestock Slaughter

Livestock Slaughter Annual Summary

Meat Animals Production, Disposition, and Income Final Estimates

Milk Cows and Production Final Estimates

Milk Disposition and Income Final Estimates

Mink Final Estimates


National Hop Report

Noncitrus Fruits and Nuts

Peanut Prices

Peanut Stocks and Processing

Potatoes Annual Summary

Potato Stocks

Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes Final Estimates

Poultry Production and Value Final Estimates

Poultry Slaughter

Poultry Slaughter Annual Summary

Price Reactions after Crop Report

Price Reactions after Livestock Reports

Rice Stocks

Sheep and Goats

Sheep and Goats Final Estimates

Small Grains Annual Summary

Trout Production

Turkey Hatchery

Turkeys Raised

U.S. and Canadian Cattle

U.S. and Canadian Hogs

United States and Canadian Potatoes


Vegetables Annual Summary

Weather Crop Summary

Winter Wheat Seedings

World Agricultural Production

World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates

Statistical Abstract
Survey of Current Business


International Trade Library

Aerospace Industry: Directories And Reports

Afghani Reports

Asian Development Bank Business Opportunities

Asian Development Bank Selected Publications: Annual Report of the Bank

Asian Development Bank Selected Publications: Asian Development Outlook

Basic Guide To Exporting

Best Market Reports

Country Reports On Terrorism

Country Studies Profiles: Country Profiles

Electric Current Worldwide

Energy Information Administration Country Analysis Briefs

Energy Information Administration Country Analysis Briefs: OPEC Revenue Facts

European Bank Procurement Opportunities

European Bank For Reconstruction And Development

Export Programs Guide

Fish And Fishery Product Annual Reports

Fish And Fishery Product Quarterly Reports

Foreign Assets Control Information: OFAC for Industry Groups

Foreign Assets Control Information: OFAC Recent Actions

Foreign Assets Control Information: Specially Designated Nationals List

Foreign Spot Exchange Rates

Foreign Trade Offices

International Energy Annual

International Energy Outlook

International Narcotics Control Strategy Report

International Petroleum Monthly

International Trade Update

Iraq Reports: Iraq Business Guide

Millennium Challenge Account Program Procurements

National Export Strategy

National Trade Estimates On Foreign Trade Barriers

Small Business Guide To Exporting

Trade Finance Guide

Trade Policy Agenda And Annual Report

USITC Commission Publications

World Bank Commodity Price Data (Pinksheets)

World Bank International Business Opportunities Service

World Bank Publications: Global Development Finance

World Bank Publications: Global Economic Prospects

World Factbook

World Factbook Comparative Fields

World Factbook Comparative Tables

The Year In Trade