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History of Events

2014 Spring Society Social "The Performing Life:
A Singer's Guide to Survival"
2013 Winter Program "Tennessee Literary Luminaries: From Cormac McCarthy to Robert Penn Warren"
2013 Fall Program "Paper Art Engineering"
2013 Summer Program Picnic on the Patio
2013 Spring Social "Enter Laughing (But Quietly, Please!):
Amusing Anecdotes from a Life in Libraries"
2012 Winter Program "A Celebration of Scholarship"
2012 Fall Programs Presentations by Dr. Susan Curtis professor of history at Purdue University
2012 Summer Program Dinner at the Library with Barry Kitterman
2012 Spring Society Social Smoke: The Tennessee-KentuckyTobacco Wars
2012 Winter Program "An Evening with Stephanie Osborn"
2011 Fall Event "The Curious Case of the Tolerant Bigot"
2011 Summer Program "Creating Public Art"
2010 Fall Program "Visiting Writers Series: Richard Bausch"
2010 Summer Program "A Taste of Italia"
2010 Spring Event "The Magic of Poetry,The Poetry of Magic"
2009 Fall Event TEL: Tennessee Electronic Library
2009 Inaugural Event Dinner on the River: An Evening
with Michael Shoulders