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Library Instruction Room Policy

The Woodward Library has two Library Instruction Rooms (LIR 209 and LIR 114) that serve as classrooms for the teaching of information literacy skills. The Library Instruction Room on the main floor of the library (LIR 209) also serves as a computer lab for APSU students, faculty and staff when it is not being used for classroom instruction.

  1. Only current APSU students, faculty and staff will be permitted to use the Library Instruction Rooms (LIRs).
  2. Information Literacy Instruction sessions will be scheduled based on the availability of a Library Instruction Room and a librarian to conduct the instruction.
  3. When classes are not scheduled, LIR 209 will function as a computer lab. Personal use of the computers is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. Instruction sessions may be scheduled during any of the library's normal operating hours. The number of sessions and the times will vary from week to week. When a session is in progress, only the students enrolled in the class and the instructor may be in the LIR. Library staff will clear LIR 209 15 minutes before a scheduled session.
  5. No university classes may be scheduled by the Registrar to meet in the LIRs. Occasional workshops and area school classes may be scheduled.
  6. Only software owned or licensed by Austin Peay State University will reside in the microcomputers maintained in the LIRs. Unauthorized files and applications will be removed. Faculty who desire additional software to be loaded on the PCs should contact the Systems Librarian who will consider the requests on a case-by-case basis.
  7. Authorized users are free to use personal copies of legally licensed software on the library PCs. Users, however, may not permanently store their programs and files on library PCs. They must save their work to their own storage devices. The making and/or the use of unauthorized copies of software, copies that are not legally licensed, on library PCs is strictly prohibited.
  8. The LIRs are primarily self-service facilities. Users are expected to know how to operate the equipment and how to use the software.
  9. The hardware, with the exception of routine printer maintenance, will be maintained by the Systems Librarian. Routine printer maintenance will be performed by the student assistants and designated library staff.

Revised Sep. 26, 2016