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Lost/Damaged Materials Replacement Fee Policy

The goal of the library's circulation policy is to ensure the availability of materials for all library users, not to penalize users or "make money" on overdue books. To this end, Woodward Library does not charge overdue fines.

  1. As an incentive to encourage people to return overdue materials, the library suspends privileges for users who have overdue materials.
  2. Suspension of library privileges temporarily prohibits check-out, interlibrary loan, reserves, and off-campus access to library databases. In addition to suspension of library privileges, registration and transcript holds are placed on APSU student accounts.
  3. The replacement fee of any lost or damaged book, periodical, or media item is the actual cost of the item plus a processing fee of $20. All exceptions to this policy must be approved by the library director.
  4. The replacement fee and the hold, if applicable, are waived only upon return of the original library materials. Alternative copies or editions are not acceptable.
  5. Payment of fees is made at the Check-Out Desk. Payment may be made by cash or check. Personal checks must show APSU student ID number or Library Courtesy Card number. Fees reported to the University Business Office for collection must be paid at that office.
  6. Austin, the library's online catalog, provides online access to your library account. To view more information about the lost item, go to My Library Account.
  7. The library considers all legitimate concerns about library fees. Reasons that DO NOT constitute a basis for appeal are:
    • lack of knowledge of library policy
    • disagreement with library fee structure
    • inability to pay fees
    • unwillingness to take responsibility for material loaned to a third party
    • forgetting the due date
    • non-receipt or untimely receipt of library notices
    • being out of town
  8. Appeals may be made to Elaine Berg, Coordinator of Access Services, at (931) 221-6405, or berge@apsu.edu.

Adopted Aug. 16, 2001; revised Oct. 3, 2016