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Library Services Strategic Plan, 2011-2015

University Key Priority: Student Success

Library Goals:

  • Implement means of collaboration between the Research Assistance Desk (RAD) and the Writing Center that is to be relocated to the library sometime in 2012
  • Transition from an information commons model to a learning commons
  • Seek ways to infuse information literacy instruction into the curriculum using BRAVO student learning outcomes as appropriate
  • Continue to measure library-related student learning outcomes

University Key Priority: Quality

Library Goals:

  • Library facility improvements - implement the existing plan to add a seminar room, space for a writing center, and a coffee shop; if funding is available, make improvements such as new paint and carpet on the 1st and 3rd floors
  • Use technology to simplify and streamline access to information resources, e.g., continue to refine the Encore Synergy content and discovery tool, and provide additional information resources via mobile technology
  • Improve library services to populations away from the main campus, including the Fort Campbell Center, Springfield, Dickson, and online
  • Increase external fundraising efforts
    • Write at least one external grant proposal each year; get at least two funded for the period 2011-2015
    • Build on the initial success of the Woodward Library Society (friends of the library); increase membership by at least 20%

University Key Priority: Resourcefulness & Efficiency

Library Goals:

  • Reduce costs and utilize space more efficiently by reducing the number of journal print subscriptions and government documents that are duplicated by online equivalents
  • Utilize technology to provide services and resources to off-campus students - e.g., using Camtasia software to develop mini-tutorials about library resources
  • Improve communication, both internally and with external constituencies and stakeholders