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ASPIRE—the Archive for Scholarship, Publication, Innovation, and Research Experience—is a digital showcase of the scholarly and creative output of the Austin Peay State University community. Managed by the Library's Digital Services and Archives unit, ASPIRE is a digital repository designed to collect, preserve, and distribute materials generated by APSU faculty, staff, and students.

Repositories are important tools for preserving an organization’s legacy, and are intended as permanent archives to facilitate digital preservation, online access, and scholarly communication. ASPIRE provides a place to store, provide access to, and preserve digital objects and resources created and used by the APSU community. This includes research and working papers, data and datasets, university governance and administrative documents, student-created theses and dissertations, faculty-created learning tools, digitized archival resources, and more.

ASPIRE provides APSU faculty, staff, and students:

  • A digital storage space for resources. Items deposited in ASPIRE will be:
    • accessible online
    • migrated to new formats for future accessibility (when possible)
    • digitally preserved and backed up
  • A visible presence for your data, research, and teaching objects on the internet. ASPIRE can:
    • make your research and teaching searchable and findable by web search engines
    • replace the need to maintain a personal web site
    • report on how many times your files were accessed
  • More opportunities to promote your work. ASPIRE...
    • provides a permanent URL so that objects can always be found
    • helps other researchers and instructors find your work and use it and cite it
    • lets you distribute your work simply by sending the URL

Click here for submission guidelines and instructions. More information can be found on the ASPIRE main webpage, or contact aspire@apsu.edu or 931-221-6288.