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Library Gift Policy

Gifts are an important resource for a library's collection. On behalf of the Felix G. Woodward Library, the Woodward Library Society welcomes donations of books and media as well as monetary gifts. However, as an academic library with a mission to the University, we must be selective about what is added to the collection. We appreciate donations that are relevant to the University's curriculum and are in good, clean condition. Please don't be offended if we need to chat with you about your donation to determine if it is appropriate for our collection.

Gifts may be donated in memory or honor of a loved one, colleague, or friend. If you wish an electronic bookplate for memoriam gifts, please indicate this on your list and include the name of the honoree.

All gifts are acknowledged by letter from the Director of Library Services. Monetary gifts are acknowledged by the University Advancement Office and by the Director of Library Services.

To Make a Donation

For information or to make arrangements to donate books, DVDs, or CDs, please call 931-221-7387.

For special collections items (company or personal papers, diaries, records, photographs, etc.) call 931-221-1325.

We are greatly appreciative of financial donations. Monetary gifts allow us to acquire additional materials and to build an endowment fund. Checks may be made payable to the Austin Peay Foundation. Indicate on your check or transmittal letter that you are designating your gift for the Woodward Library Society.

Send to:

The Woodward Library Society
Felix G. Woodward Library
Austin Peay State University
P.O. Box 4595
Clarksville, TN 37044-4595

Items the Library Does Not Accept

  • Books or materials in poor, damaged, moldy and/or mildewed condition
  • Mass produced paperbacks - the kind of paperbacks sold at grocery stores on newsstands (because of poor quality paper and bindings, these books do not hold up to library usage).
  • Dated information (scientific or technological books over five years old).
  • Dated technology (e.g., LPs, cassette tapes, VHS tapes)
  • Complimentary review textbooks
  • Workbooks
  • Bound periodicals (except in very rare circumstances)
  • Personal journal subscriptions. (However, we will accept monetary donations ear-marked for the periodicals collection).

Gift Selection

We try to accept only gifts we intend to use. Usually, a few questions will determine if your gift fits our needs. So please don't be offended if we ask questions when you contact us. Once you deliver your donations, the Resource Management Coordinator and/or subject specialist librarians will review each gift item to decide which items will be added. Because of workload, we are not able to notify donors of each title's disposition or return items not added to our collection.

Tax and Appraisal

The donor should provide an estimated value of his or her gift. If no valuation is furnished, standard valuations will be used: hardcover books will be valued at $5, paperbound books at $1, CDs at $2, and DVDs at $2. Librarians are not able to appraise donations. The letter of acknowledgement may be used as a receipt of goods, but not as an appraisal of fair market value of the items donated. Sorry, but we do not appraise gifts. Appraisals for tax determination purposes must be arranged by the donor and are required by the IRS for donations of more than $5,000.

Where to deliver Gifts

Please make arrangements with the library before dropping off your gifts. You can do this sending email to Scott Shumate at shumates. We recommend that a detailed list be included with your donation(s). We will provide a form that must be completed and signed when you deliver your donation. Please be sure to include your address and name on this form so we can acknowledge your gift.

Adopted Aug 17, 2010; revised Jun. 21, 2017