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Calendar of the Dorothy Dix Collection

12/2/22 Dix, Dorothy - Mrs. E. M. Gilmer famous as "Dorothy Dix," was elected to the board of directors of the Times-Picayune. p. 19. col. 4.

5/9/23 Dix, Dorothy - addressed a meeting of the Business and Professional Women's Club. p.1. col.6.

12/7/24 Dix, Dorothy - Mrs. Elizabeth M. Gilmer, returns from Europe. p.22 col.2.

1/29/25 Dix, Dorothy (Mrs. E. M. Gilmer) addressed members of the N. O. Advertising Club. p.15. col. 1.

2/2/25 Dorothy Dix addressed members of the Y.W.C.A. on her travels in Europe. p. 16. col. 7.

4/14/25 Mrs. E.M. Gilmore (Dorothy Dix) addressed members of the Parents Teachers Association. p.1 col.4

5/24/25 Mrs. Gilmer's new home in Prytania St. contains lovely things gathered in her travels. p.18. col.1. sec.2. (cut)

6/7/25 Clipping from T-P., clue in robbery case reveals fondness of burglar's wife for Dorothy Dix' advice, according to word received from C. E. Kennedy, chief of police of Beaumont. p.1. col.3.

10/28/25 Dorothy Dix addressed pupils of the Sophie B. Wright High School yesterday afternoon. p.5. col.2.

3/14/26 Dix, Dorothy tells about this business of writing. p.1. col.6.sec.1-B. (cut)

4/27/26 Gilmer, Mrs. E. M. (Dorothy Dix) addresses members of the Parent Teachers Assoc. at annual conference. p.1. col.6. Hammond, La.

7/10/26 Dorothy Dix was on the De Grasse, French lines, which developed trouble while 36 hours out from N.Y. p.6. col.3.

7/30/26 John Cook of Baltimore, will name new crimson rose, after Dorothy Dix. p.2. col.3.

8/20/26 Dorothy Dix' rose is christened at florists' convention. p.1. col.3.

8/20/26 "Convention of Florists ends as happy crowds are feted at Yacht Club."

9/13/26 Dix, Dorothy in letter to Leonard K. Nicholson, president of the Times-Picayune thanks him for cable telling that florists had named a rose after her. p.17. col.5.

12/12/26 Dix, Dorothy has returned from the Halls-Mills murder trial. p.1. col.6. sec.1-B.

1/2/27 Meigs O. Frost story of Dorothy Dix in states following ret. from N.J.

3/9/27 Mrs. E.M. Gilmer (Dorothy Dix) advises "Y" girls how to be charming and stunts rouse interest in 'adventures'. p.6. col.3.

4/21/27 "Authors I Have Known" was the subject of a talk by Dorothy Dix at the Newcomb Book Fair. p. 2. col.2.

6/9/27 Dorothy Dix awarded degree of Bachelor of Letters by Tulane University. p.1. col.4.

6/22/27 Dorothy Dix speaks at Girl Scout Camp dedication at City Park. p.11. col.6.

7/17/27 Dorothy Dix makes annual scholarship award of $100 for students in Tulane University school of journalism. p.1. col.4.

8/21/27 Dorothy Dix elected complimentary member of Orleans Club. p.6. col.3. sec.3.

10/28/27 Dix, Dorothy addresses Newcomb students in "The Navy." p.27. c.1.

11/14/27 Dorothy Dix makes appeal for the Community Chest. p.1. col.5.

11/24/27 Dorothy Dix speaks to Y.M.B.C. on "tired Business Man." p.13. col.5.

1/11/28 Judges selected in D. Dix prize contest, $100 for best human interest story written by Tulane journalism student. p.9. col.4.

5/27/28 Admirers of D. Dix were to meet in City Park to bid her farewell on trip abroad. p.1. col.5.

5/31/28 Public reception slated at City Park for Dorothy Dix. p. 1. col.6.

6/2/28 Mayor O'Keefe calls on the citizens of New Orleans to join in the tribute given to Dorothy Dix Sunday at City Park. p.1. col.5.

6/3/28 City will pay tribute to Dorothy Dix today at 5 p.m. with reception in the delgado museum. p.1. col.5.

6/4/28 The public tribute to Dorothy Dix scheduled for yesterday is delayed by rain. p.1 col.3.

6/6/28 Dorothy Dix to be welcome this summer as Egypt's guest, consul here refuses fee for famous traveler's pass-port visa. p.1 col.8.

6/9/28 Kathryn Schell chosen to present gift to Dorothy Dix. p.1.col.4 and 5.

6/10/28 Dorothy Dix journalism award is won by Samuel Lang. p.33. col.1.

6/11/28 Thousands of Orleanians from all walks of life paid tribute to Dorothy Dix in a farewell reception. p.1. col. 5.

10/30/28 Mrs. E. M. Gilmer (Dorothy Dix) returned to New Orleans from travels in Europe and Asia. p.1. col.4 and 5.

11/19/28 Dorothy Dix listed the many claims of the Community Chest to the consideration of New Orleans. p.1. col. 1.

2/17/29 Dorothy Dix described her recent Old World travels in the footsteps of some famous women of history. p. 22. col. 1.

2/24/29 Second part of Dorothy Dix's description of her Old World travels. p.24. col.1.

3/3/29 Third of series of Dorothy Dix articles describing her travels in Palestine. p.24. col. 1.

3/17/29 Fourth installment of Dorothy Dix series of articles describing her travels in the Old World. p.30. col.1.

3/24/29 Fifth installment of Dorothy Dix series of articles describing her travels in the Old World. p.22. col.1.

3/31/29 Sixth installment of Dorothy Dix series of articles concerning her travels in the Old World. p.24. col. 1.

4/7/29 Seventh installment of Dorothy Dix series of articles describing her travels in the Old World. p.36. col. 1.

4/14/29 Eight installment of Dorothy Dix series of articles. p.30. col.1. (LAST OF SERIES)

5/3/29 Dix, Dorothy addressed members of the Association of Commerce at a luncheon. p.17. col.2.

5/21/29 Dix, Dorothy visited inmates of the United States Veterans Hospital and answered their questions on secrets of love. p.2. col.3.

5/25/29 Dorothy Dix took her first airplane ride in a cabin monoplane. p.7. col.3 & 4.

6/9/29 Dorothy Dix's annual prize to the writer of the best human interest story won by Harnett T. Kane. p.29. col.1.

10/20/29 Dorothy Dix appeals to Orleanians to support the Little Theater. p. 22. col. 4 & 5.

10/28/29 Dorothy Dix (Mrs. Elizabeth M. Gilmer) in an address before the Arts and Crafts Club tells of her experiences as "confessor" to millions. col.3.

11/5/29 The mother of Gloria Rouzer alias Ione Orde is paying the price for her daughter's escapades, says Dorothy Dix after interviewing Mrs. Rouzer on her arrival here. p.1. col. 6. --cut--

11/13/29 Dix, Dorothy welcomes steel men as the American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc., open their convention at Edgewater Park, Miss. p.2. col.4.

2/22/30 Dorothy Dix is guest of honor at Hollins alumnae luncheon, displays medal won in early days for composition. p.3. col.7.

6/8/30 The third annual Dorothy Dix award for the best human interest story is won by Mrs. Helen Hill of the Tulane school of journalism. p.21. col. 1. -cut-

2/25/31 Dorothy Dix lauds Miss Jean Gordon, civic worker whose death yesterday is regretted. p.3. col.5.

4/23/31 Dix, Dorothy is guest of honor at New York tea attended by Gotham writers. p.17. col.6. --New York--

4/26/31 Dorothy Dix will be awarded an honorary degree of doctor of letters by Oglethorpe University early in May. p.1. col.3 --Atlanta, Ga.--

4/30/31 Dorothy Dix will deliver address before Newcomb college seniors and Tulane university senior co-eds at a reception to be given by the New Orleans branch of the American Association of University Women. p.14. col.3.

5/5/31 Dix, Dorothy in an address before Newcomb college seniors and co-eds, declares that women make better news-gatherers than men. p.1. col.2.

5/21/31 Dix, Dorothy, to be made honorary member of Theta Nu, Tulane Journalism fraternity. p.12. col.3.

5/22/31 Dix, Dorothy, is made a member of Theta Nu, Tulane journalism fraternity. p.22. col.6.

5/24/31 William A. Bell, Jr. is awarded the Dorothy Dix award at the Tulane school of journalism. p. 22. col.1. --cut--

5/25/31 Dix, Dorothy - last night she was awarded an honorary degree of doctor of letters by the university of Oglethorpe. p.15. col.6.

5/28/31 Dix, Dorothy leaves N. O. for California on tour which is expected to take her to the far East and which will last until November. p.12. col.5.

8/8/31 Dix, Dorothy, recently was greeted by large crowds on her arrival at Manila. p.3. col.5.

10/4/31 Dix, Dorothy returns home following four-month trip to the far East. p.1. col.6 -cut-

11/16/31 Dix, Dorothy, tell why she is sold on the Community Chest idea. p.1. col.7.

11/23/31 Dix, Dorothy, will deliver address at today's luncheon on Community Chest workers. p.1. col.5.

11/24/31 Dorothy Dix delivers "pep" talk before Community Chest workers. p.1. col.7.

11/26/31 Dorothy Dix and Bishop Morris are guests of honor at luncheon held at the Christ Church Cathedral. p.17. col.6.

12/13/31 Dorothy Dix addresses the council members of the A. of C. describes men's letters seeking advice on love. p.10. col.1.

1/24/32 Dorothy Dix is named president of the Le Petit Salon succeeding the late Miss Grace King. p.3. col.2. -cut-

3/9/32 Dorothy Dix is among group of prominent Louisianians and New Yorkers who sailed yesterday with Frans Blom for a visit of Mayan ruins in Yucatan. p.3. col.5. -cut-

3/27/32 Dorothy Dix, returning from a trip to Mexico, says that Mayan ruins of Yucatan are more fascinating than those of Egypt or other places. p.10. col.5 -cut-

4/16/32 Dorothy Dix, is talk at the first annual Mother, Dad, and Son dinner of the Y.M.C.A. defends the youth of today. p.5. col.1.

5/13/32 Dorothy Dix in an address before members of the Le Petit Salon, mourns the death of the late Miss Grace King. p.22. col.3.

5/18/32 Dorothy Dix in an address before members of the Orleans Club defends the right of married women to hold positions in the business world. p.16. col.6.

5/22/32 Burke, John W., student at the Tulane school of journalism, wins the Dorothy Dix award of $100 for the best "human interest" story written by students during the past year. p. B-4. col.6.

5/29/32 Dorothy Dix delivers address at banquet closing the fifth annual convention here of the Louisiana Press Ass'n. p.1. col.5.

8/6/32 Dorothy Dix leaves for the East by plane. p.3. col.4.

11/7/32 Dorothy Dix says that it should not be necessary to ask for contributions to the Community Chest this year. p.3. col.3.

1/17/33 Dorothy Dix addresses press and publicity luncheon of the N. O. Women's Club, says that the art of ballyhoo is a great and noble one. p.14. col.2.

1/30/33 Dorothy Dix's paper giving hints on marriage was read by Mrs. Arthur Nolte in the 3rd of a series of lectures in a forum sponsored by the Y.M.C.A. p.3. col.4.

2/16/33 Dorothy Dix delivers address before the February program of the N. O. Assembly of Delphians. p.24. col.8.

3/8/33 Dorothy Dix delivers talk before members of the Orleans Club. p.17. col.8.

3/9/33 Dorothy Dix receives numerous letters showing that America comes up smiling even in banking crisis. p.1. col.3.

3/21/33 Dorothy Dix Sunday will address a program sponsored by the N. O. University Alumni Ass'n. p.19. col.5.

3/27/33 Dorothy Dix delivers talk before the Alumni Assn. of the New Orleans University. p.10. col.5.

4/7/33 The Dorothy Dix prize contest among journalism students at Tulane University begins and will end at midnight April 30. p.19. col.3.

5/21/33 Edmond Lebreton wins the Dorothy Dix award of the Tulane University school of journalism. p.B-2. col 4.

6/27/33 Dorothy Dix, noted writer, says that the Little Theater is a vital need, adds that there is nothing amateurish about it. p.5. col.2.

9/20/33 Dorothy Dix returns from a 3-month trip through South and Central America, tells of "grandtime" she had during the trip. p.1. col. 4 & 5.

11/5/33 Dorothy Dix delivers address as honor guest at the annual fall luncheon of the Delphians. p.14. col.8.

1/16/34 Dorothy Dix tells how she originated plan of advice column. 16..4

3/20/34 Dorothy Dix tells about her visit to Mexico. 1..4

5/20/34 Speaks at church benefit in Pass Christian. 9..1

8/19/34 Dix, Dorothy will journey to Canada to explore Acadian country. 11..4

11/1/34 Dix, Dorothy talks to Bluebird Society on charms of Mexico. 3..4

1/15/35 see HANDWRITING 1..4

2/21/35 Georgia newspaper group honors Dorothy Dix. 13..5

2/14/36 Dix, Dorothy addresses L S U students. 10..4

4/5/36 Dorothy Dix's 40 years in newspaper work described on its anniversary (feature by Frost). Mag. sec.

4/6/36 Feature on above celebration, by Dixon 1..4

10/6//36 Dix, Dorothy, her life is topic of article by N. O. writer in Saturday Evening Post. 28..4

5/30/37 Dorothy Dix prize goes to Earn Culon. sec.2..3

7/6/37 Dix, Dorothy in new book about women of the press. 2..2

6/7/39 Dix, Dorothy thanks Mayor for alley paving. 8

9/20/39 Dix, Dorothy Page 1 Editorial on woman's place in war.

10/25/39 Dix, Dorothy addresses members of the Louisiana League for the Hard of Hearing. 22..6

5/19/40 D. Dix journalism prize awarded to Miss Aedath Markel. sec.2..5

5/8/41 Miss Dix gets place among U.S. 53 first women. 30

5/18/41 D. Dix journalism prize awarded. sec.2

10/26/41 Dix, Dorothy page of pix. sec.2..5

5/17/42 Dix, Dorothy prize awarded. sec.2

1/10/43 Dorothy Dix talks on patriotism and nurses. sec.1. p.1.

1/24/43 Dix, Dorothy recalls builder of paper to granddaughter. sec.2. p.9.

5/16/43 Dorothy Dix prize awarded. sec.2 p.3.

12/4/43 Gilmer, Mrs. Elizabeth Meriwether (Dorothy Dix) sponsored launching of SS Opie Read, 89th ship built by Delta Shipbuilding Co. Inc. Friday.15