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Box 8 - Correspondence - letters to and from family, friends and business acquaintances

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Although the correspondence letters are mainly between Dix and her family members and friends, much is revealed about her professional life in general. Letters to and from family members and friends were of great importance to Dix who visited them regularly. The letters written between 1863 and 1917 include correspondence before Elizabeth was hired by the Picayune. One piece dates to Pass Christian in 1887. The 1920-1939 letters include a lengthy letter from “pa” (Dix’s father and Huntington’s grandfather) to Huntington Patch the collection donor.

In the 1940–1950 letters Dix expresses much concern about her ill relatives, especially for her sister Mary, Huntington’s mother.

The letters from professional colleagues and friends were selected from the folder on correspondence (letters form colleagues VIII. 2) because of their special professional and personal importance to Dix. The letter from W. R. Hearst expresses his desire for Dix to write for the editorial page of The Journal. Another request for Dix’s writings is articulated in Lord Riddell’s letter asking for her writings to be reproduced in some of his London papers. Carrie Chapman Catt’s letter states “I never, for a single moment, lessened my affection and admiration for you.” The final letter is from Eliza Nicholson’s son, Leonard, with whom Dorothy Dix everlastingly stayed in close contact. The Nicholson family members remained close friends to Dix throughout her life. The son Leonard (whose long hair Dix cut off) writes in this letter to Dix about the loss of his brother Yorke.

Elinor Thurman and Bill Coke provided the transcriptions.

1. Letters 1863 – 1917, about 15. Includes the first letter (probably) written to Elizabeth Meriwether from her father as he readies himself to join the Civil War forces and leaves his child in “the tender care of your most devoted mother,” Sunday 26th of May 1868 (transcribed).

2. Letters 1920 – 1939. Family letters (transcribed, about 40).

3. Letters 1940 – 1950. Family letters (transcribed about 50).

4. Letters undated. Family letters (transcribed 45).

5. Letters undated. Family letters (not transcribed 45).

6. Letter fragments. Family letters (transcribed 3).

7. Letters 1900 – 1948. Professional: W. R. Hearst, New York Journal; Lord Riddell, London; Arthur Brisbane; Carrie Chapman Catt; Robert McDougal; Leonard K. Nicholson, The Times-Picayune Publishing Company (transcribed 6).

8. Letters undated – 1951. Family letters – Dix and Meriwether family members (transcribed 29).

9. Letters undated. Family letters – Dix and Meriwether family members (transcribed 40).

10. Letters 1907 – 1960. Family letters – Meriwether and Coke families (not transcribed but typed letter summaries 15). Gift from the Bill Coke family, Nashville, Tennessee (former of Auburn, Kentucky)