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APSU Woodward Library Research and Instruction Program Mission and Goals


The Research and Instruction Program supports the Library's Mission: "The Woodward Library faculty and staff work collaboratively with the University community to connect people with high-quality information, from which new knowledge is created." Opportunities to become information literate are provided through course-related and course-integrated instruction, workshops for faculty and students, individual assistance, and instruction integrated throughout the Library's Web site.

Information Literacy is defined as a collection of competencies that people need in order to navigate a growing quantity of information, whose quality is questionable and whose access depends on evolving technologies. Research and Instruction Faculty work with other faculty across campus to implement the Program's goals listed below.

Innovations, trends and theory, as described in the literature covering information literacy, instructional technology and pedagogy, are carefully reviewed and put into practice when appropriate. Key documents utilized in planning include the:


  1. Collaborate with faculty to integrate information literacy concepts and skills into the curriculum.
  2. Plan and implement clearly defined information competencies articulated across the curriculum to all levels of students.
  3. Practice good pedagogy that takes into consideration different learning styles, varying technical skill levels, and diverse student populations.
  4. Emphasize active learning experiences in instructional activities.
  5. Meet the instructional needs of all learners.
  6. Assess student information literacy learning outcomes in order to improve instruction and improve student performance.
  7. Train and develop the skills of research instruction faculty.
  8. Evolve to meet the changing needs of the APSU community.

Revised December 17, 2012