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Library Laptop Computers

Laptop Availability

  • The library offers approximately 270 laptops for APSU students.
    • Short-term laptops can be checked out for four hours, and can only be used within the library.
    • Long-term laptops are available for an entire semester.
  • Each laptop includes a power adapter.

Check-Out Location

  • Both short-term and long-term laptops are available at the Access Services Desk in the Woodward Library.

Software and Usage

  • Laptops support Wi-Fi networks and come with Windows 11 and Office 2019 Professional.
  • For short-term laptops, bring a thumb drive to save your work, as files cannot be saved on the laptop's hard drive.

Responsibility Form:

  • Each student must fill out a Laptop Responsibility Form once per academic year, which will be kept on file in the library.

Borrowing Process

  • In order to check out any library laptop, you must:
    • Present your APSU student ID at the Access Services Desk.
    • Clear any library fines and resolve overdue books, recalls, or lost charges.
    • Sign the responsibility form (one time per academic year).

Overdue Fines

  • Short-term laptops accrue fines if kept overdue.
  • After 24 hours, a replacement cost will be charged if not returned.
  • The cost is waived when laptops are returned.

Usage Limits

  • Short-term laptops may only be used in the Woodward Library and cannot be taken outside.
  • Return short-term laptops 15 minutes before the Access Services Desk closes.

Laptop Circulation Policy

  • Laptops are available at the Access Services Desk.
  • Only currently enrolled APSU students may check out laptops.
  • Each student can only check out one laptop of any kind.
  • Short-term laptops are due in four hours; one renewal is allowed.
  • Long-term laptops are due one day before the semester commencement; no renewal is allowed.


  • Laptops are available on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be reserved in advance.


  • Return laptops to the Access Services Desk in person. For long-term laptops, include the bag and power cord with the laptop when returning them.
  • Remove any flash drives used with the laptop before returning.


  • Overdue short-term laptops will be assessed a fee of $1.00 per hour.
  • After 24 hours overdue, a charge for replacement will be applied.
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged laptops may result in costs for replacement or repair.

Remember that your student technology fee covers this service. Please handle the laptops with care and avoid leaving them unattended.