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Digitizing Records

A record is a record whether it is electronic or physical. When the schedule says to keep a copy, it is up to the Custodian to decide whether to keep it electronically or physically. Here are some digitizing tips:

  • If the records are eventually transferred to Archives, please contact Archives at x7617 for digitizing guidelines.
  • Check with your department's IT representative for help setting up the scanning equipment and procedures to ensure records are encrypted and secure throughout the digitization process as appropriate.
  • It is best to keep original computer files whenever possible; then there is no need to digitize a physical copy.
  • Use a high-quality scanner to digitize items in color.
  • Save items as PDFs for easy readability, and use file names that describe the item and include the record date.
  • Once the record has been digitized, you can destroy the paper copy because it is an extra copy.
  • Follow the destruction instructions for your electronic records when the retention period has ended.